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February Newsletter

10 tips for stand up paddle beginners

Don’t be that guy or that girl. Avoid the most common first time stand up paddle boarder mistakes by following our list of 10 tips for the beginner paddle boarder.

Whether you are renting a board and paddle, you’ve just bought your own gear, or you’ve been out a few times, this information may make a difference to your future paddle boarding sessions.

See the 10 tips for SUP beginners

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Measuring your SUP's air pressure

When you first start pumping up your inflatable stand up paddle board by Red Paddle Co, you’ll notice that the needle on the pump gauge may not move very much. This can be worrisome until you discover the way the pump, gauge and the valve on the board work.

How to check your SUP's pressure

The top 3 articles for February

4 criteria for choosing a stand up paddle board

Choosing a stand up paddle board shouldn’t be a difficult task. Follow our guide with 4 criteria for choosing a paddle board and you’ll be on the water...

4 golden rules for stand up paddle boarding

Is your board too noisy? Perhaps you should follow the 4th Golden Rule for stand up paddle boarding in this video by Paddling TV and SUP TV...

Red Paddle Co 10'6" inflatable SUP review

In this post, we’ll be giving you a quick review of the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride inflatable stand up paddle board. Included are some close...

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