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April Newsletter 2.0

11 tips for fun and safe stand up paddle boarding this summer

Right after having fun, the health and wellbeing of paddle boarders is our number 1 priority! Wait… Close enough. With the Easter break upon us and summer around the corner it is very important to ensure that when you are out having fun paddle boarding, you are doing so safely and within the rules.

We covered the precedent set by the USCG paddle boarding rules in an earlier article, but we wanted to a) follow up with some more information and b) reiterate the importance of being safe on the water.

See the 11 fun & safety tips →

Inflating and deflating your Red Paddle Co stand up paddle board

I’m often asked about how long it takes to pump up a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP. So, when I set out to review the 2014 Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Race (read review), I was sure to include a pump up video. It’s not so much a how to inflate your SUP video, rather a how long it takes to inflate and prepare your inflatable SUP for your session.

There are a lot of guides about how to inflate your stand up paddle board. Heck, I’ve featured 2, but, there aren’t many about how to deflate and pack away your board. Today, that changes.

After paddle boarding you often need to lug about a huge, heavy and long board, lift it onto your roof racks, tie it down, etc… With an inflatable SUP, all you need to do 

is let the air out, roll it up, pack it away in the backpack it comes with and throw it in your trunk, stash it in your closet or throw it below deck ready for the next session. 

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