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June Newsletter 1.0

How to attach your SUP leash

One of the most important parts of your stand up paddle boarding kit is your SUP specific leash. For your safety, the safety of others, the leash is going to keep you tethered to your board at all times. Read more about why the leash is such an important part of paddling here.

There are several types of leash, which we cover in this SUP leash guide, but they all usually attach to you and your board in a similar fashion. The only exception being a leash used on whitewater that attaches around your waist for even quick and easier release in case of an emergency.

Learn how to attach your SUP leash →

K-Pump gear has arrived

We are now stocking the wonderful K-Pump two stage inflatable stand up paddle boarding pumps and the K-Air II SUP tire valve inflator adaptor and blow off valve. We are also stocking the Kwik Check Stand Pressure Gauge, the best way to check your inflatable SUP’s pressure. Check out how easy it is to pump your board with these two stage pumps.

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Inflatable SUP board ownership

For those interested in the finer details of inflatable SUP ownership and in particular a Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP, you can browse this info and know what to do when your board arrives!

It covers the basics of inflation, deflation, storage, a few key SUPing tips and some surf ethics if you are going to be paddling in the waves.

Learn more about inflatable SUPs →

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