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December Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

Green Water Sports wishes you a happy and safe holiday season and most importantly some awesome holiday stand up paddle board sessions!

Best wishes for the coming year. May the SUP gods give us favorable forecasts and plenty of time on the water.

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The top 3 products for 2013

Red Paddle Co 10'6" Ride Inflatable SUP

The Ten Six from Red Paddle Co is the single most popular inflatable stand up paddle board in the world, heralded as a classic in all...

Red Paddle Co Carbon Adjustable Travel Paddle 71" - 87"

For those looking for that little bit extra in their paddle choice. The Red Paddle Co 3 Piece Carbon Paddle utilises an oval shaft that gives...

Ke Nalu Elite Maliko Carbon Paddle

The Elite Maliko blades and paddles are the lightest SUP paddles on the market and yet they are stronger than paddles that weigh three...

The top 3 articles for 2013

SUP Rocker Stiffening Technology with Red Paddle Co

By looking at how and where a board flexes we have developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) to increase...

Red Paddle Co 10'6" inflatable SUP review

In this post, we’ll be giving you a quick review of the Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride inflatable stand up paddle board. Included are some close...

Why is stand up paddle boarding so good for us?

Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. Head to toe, every muscle is engaged in balancing on the board or during the paddle...

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